Caper Caper

The Daily Post publishes a one-word prompt every day for everyone to write about. Today, the word is Caper.

Francois inspected the jar of capers and found a gathering of mold. Not tonight, he reckoned. Not tonight. He emptied the jar and prepared the ingredients in pickling a new batch of the flowering buds. He won’t be eat some capers tonight, which takes him a longer time to prepare. This means work will have to start early. You see, Francois was a thief. He would roam around Nova Scotia and break into affluent homes.  Tonight, he will break into the home of one of Sydney’s richest–a three-story mansion. Breaking into the house from the kitchen door, he went straight towards the fridge. There, he found a jar of unsuspecting capers. There is something I haven’t told you about Francois and it is something about his obsession with capers. Personally, I don’t like it. However, Francois was so fixated on the capers that he would consider it a good haul. So, Francois went home straight away after nabbing the jar. The next day, the local paper had this on the front page: Caper Caper strikes again!

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