A Day in the Life of a Man Living in a Box

Robert* woke up from a nightmare about himself being transported back into the past, changing most of his decisions back in high school like finally having friends rather than snubbing half of the campus or being active physically instead of staying at home lying down on the sofa for God knows how long. At 10 am, he woke up to a studio-type flat–the one he shares with his mother after the divorce. His mother left him a pot of drained fettuccine and meat sauce–separated, not mixed. No cheese. Robert doesn’t like cheese. He stood up, made a sandwich of pillows with his sleeping foam, and went to the kitchen to grab a bowl of pasta. He booted up his laptop, checked whether a new light novel translation is available, and finally went back to bed. Or foam. He woke up two hours later, checked his Facebook account and watched a bootlegged copy of a certain murder mystery show until 4 PM. He washed the dishes and refilled the water dispenser. His mother has just got home thirty minutes later when Robert got scolded for one thing or another. He forgot to take out the trash.

For the rest of the day, Robert would sit in front of his laptop, surfing the net, looking for cheap flats nearby and some jobs he could do without having to work with a team. He has been doing this for five years. He’s now 24 and is suffering from a heart condition.

*not his real name.


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