Public Pool

Public pools are dirty. It’s a nasty cesspool of bodily fluids and dead skin cells. Apparently, some people mistake it for the latrine. I don’t get why people want to share a bath tub with strangers from God knows where.

Public pools could help the transfer of waterborne diseases since there are no background checks going on. It’s impractical. Imagine having to go through a medical examination every time you go in and out of the pool area. It’s border security all over again.

But Joel, you may ask; why can’t you just have your own private pool? I’m glad you asked, you git. Do you know how much it costs to pump an unnecessary amount of processed water just to fill a hole in your hollow self? It’s just pompous. Plus, it’s also a would be haven for insects that lay eggs in water. It’s a farking health hazard.

I’m sure there are other ways of cooling down one’s body.


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